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Insurance conference 2016

The theme for this year’s Short- Term Insurance Conference will be nothing unusual to anyone in the industry. Every week certainly brings new challenges to an industry known for its creativity, resilience and ability to stand together while fiercely competing at the same time.
As the theme suggests, we cannot approach these challenges with the “usual” solutions. It is very clear that the industry has shown real character in facing change and head winds. Although growth is very slow margins have improved, mainly through a focus on accurate underwriting and good claims management. Amazing how visionary statements are like classic design, it never dates.
Nicolaas Kruger, CEO of MMI quoted the Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Charles Schwab who recently said: There has never been a time of greater promise or greater peril”. Does Charles Dickens ring a bell? “It wasthe best of times, it was the worst oftimes”. And, as with “Great Expectations”, there are winners and losers, but in the end the industry will continue and we will look back in a few years and mark this period on the calendar just like those before.
More than 1300 delegates from 26 countries and 434 companies attended the event, networking with each other. The 44 exhibitors certainly got what they came for, over the three days, wooing delegates with information about their companies, stunning stands and a variety of exciting prizes for visiting their stands. The speakers were of a high standard and made it
worthwhile spending lots of time in the presentation hall.
If you were unable to attend, visit the cover website and view the conference feature for all the action. This year COVER was again the Principal Media Partner for the conference and Dynamic Salvage Management (DSM) proudly sponsored us. Together we set up an exciting stand and interviewed 36 industry executives to bring youan impressive overview of industry developments. Log onto our website to view these interviews, the recordings of all the speakers and visit our Facebook page for all the photos.

Thanks to The IISA, SAIA and FIA for hosting a very professional event and for giving COVER the opportunity to be media partner.

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