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Insurance fraud and non-disclosure

Life Insurance podcast series Episode 4

Welcome to the fourth episode in the insurance podcast series hosted by life insurer FMI, in partnership with COVER Magazine.

In today’s episode personal finance expert Mapalo Makhu and FMI’s Brad Toerien will be joining COVER’s Tony van Niekerk to delve into the topic of Insurance fraud.

Starting off the conversation Tony asked Mapalo if she could tell us why it is so important to make full disclosure to your insurer? And what happens if you lie?

Tony then moved over to Brad and asked him if he could give us an idea of how often customers are not honest with their life insurance providers?

Not disclosing everything that is needed for your policy, could leave you with an invalidated insurance claim. Tony asked Mapalo what advice she would give to people when it comes to making full and proper disclosure in the insurance process?

Then to end off the conversation, Tony asked Brad what clients should do if they feel their claim has been wrongfully declined, what steps can they take to resolve the matter?

To wrap up the conversation, I would say the big takeaway is that when you’re taking out a policy with an insurer, or your life circumstances change, rather give them too much information than too little. Ask questions if you are unsure about something. That way, when it comes to claim time, everyone’s happy and on the same page. Till next time….

Listen to Episode 4 below:

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