Integration – A specialist area in the insurance ecosystem 

We are speaking to Mongezi Khuma, Integration Specialist at JumpCO. During our discussion Mongezi reveals some interesting opportunities in the world of insurance technology.

Some points made by Mongezi:

“Systems are different from financial to insurance to government entities. But technology doesn’t change much, it is just a matter of having the right data and having to analyse it and ensure that it’s distributed to the right stakeholders.”

“We live in a world where systems are distributed all over the place and we have systems whose core functions are sitting somewhere else.”

“Integration makes it possible for two stakeholder systems to communicate and exchange information without having to change or touch or introduce the risks in the endpoint systems.”

“Integration digitises everything and makes it readily available. It is basically a freeway of information that makes that information easily accessible from anywhere in the world or anywhere in a company.”

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