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IRMSA is launching a digital market place – Software Series Demo Hub

Session 1: SurTech

IRMSA has been approached on multiple occasions by our members and non-members alike, in both the public and private sectors for advice and guidance on risk management information systems, what the latest developments in software applications are as well as enquiring after artificial intelligence and data mining and analysis solutions.

The common denominator across all of these requests was always to find an information technology solution that will contribute to the improving of the risk management value proposition. In our continued endeavours to meet the needs of our risk professionals IRMSA is launching a virtual market place where we are creating the opportunity for all risk management software solution providers and risk professionals to meet, share and showcase the latest developments in risk management software solutions.

Experience how an organisation can utilise intelligent risk data through the use of data analytics, risk indicators and trend analysis
This first webinar session, hosted by SurTech will showcase the HighBond by Galvanize platform, a Risk Intelligence software solution for GRC that advocates for a data-driven approach to Risk Management.

Through a demonstration and real-world examples, you will learn why HighBond is rated as GRC market leader both by Gartner in Magic Quadrant and Forrester on the Wave Report and uniquely allows you to achieve more output that you had to put in.

Date: 17 March 2021
Time: 11:00am to 12:00pm

In this session SurTech will cover:

  1. Using your ERP data to perform automated risk assessments.
  2. Automating Key Risk Indicators (KRI) to prioritise efforts.
  3. Leveraging Key Control Indicators (KCI) to measure the effectiveness of action plans.
  4. A seamless integration of Risk Management, Compliance Management and Assurance.
  5. Visualise the results through Graphs and Dashboards that are published in the organisation.

Join us for this first session in our digital marketplace – a platform that provides you with insights into available solutions that enhance risk processes.

Look out for future sessions to be communicated via IRMSA Platforms.

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