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IRMSA pilot board exams

The Institute of Risk Management South Africa will be rolling out its pilot board exam on 25 November 2014. This certification will ensure that Risk Managers have the necessary competence and knowledge required of them in their respective roles. The objective of the exam is to ensure that we bridge the skills, knowledge and competency gap of risk professionals in the industry. The certification exam has been developed in such a way that the candidate’s learning and work experience are integrated, relevant and transferable to any industry.

The pilot exam will be for designation purposes. Once the candidate successfully completes the exam and the evaluation of their work experience receives a positive outcome, the candidate will be deemed competent and they will be awarded the designation of Certified Risk Management Practitioner (CRM Prac)

Criteria to enrol for the Board Exam

Parties interested in enrolling for the exam need to meet the following criteria:

1. Must meet one of the following Associate Member criteria:

Have no qualification + 10 years risk management experience
Have any non-risk qualification + 5 years risk management experience
A risk qualification + 3 years risk management experience
The IRMSA Occupational qualification + 3 years risk management experience

2. Must be available to attend both the following compulsory sessions:

a) Learner Orientation Session

This session is compulsory for all candidates. At this full day session, candidates will be familiarised with the approach, scope and the structure of the exam. The candidate must attend one of the following dates:

​30 September 2014 or 03 November 2014

b) Board Exam Preparation Workshop

This workshop is compulsory for all candidates. The candidates will be taken through the exam structure and content. Candidates are invited to bring in any technical questions relating to the exam and the source material. Candidates must attend the workshop on one of the following dates:

​04 November 2014 or 07 November 2014

3. Must be available to sit for the exam on 25 November 2014.

What are the benefits of enrolling in the pilot exam?

You have the opportunity to be among the first Risk Manager ‘s to be certified in Southern Africa.
Candidates will write the pilot exam at no charge.
Candidates who successfully complete the pilot exam will be able to retain their designation and will therefore not be required to write the formal exam in 2015.
Provides candidates with the platform to fast-track their career and achieve personal development and success.
Please note that limited space is available.

Only 40 Candidates will be approved to write the exam.

Applications for the pilot exam close on 14 September 2014.

 Please click here to apply

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