IRMSA work experience logbook workshop

Attend the online Work Experience Logbook Workshop and take a step towards obtaining your designation.

The Work Experience Logbook is an important part of the professionalisation requirements. We firmly believe this will assist candidates in preparing for their Certified Risk Management Practitioner (CRM Prac) board exam, but it is also a core requirement for the Exemption Application.

A properly and fully completed logbook is a requirement for obtaining your CRM Prac or CRM Prof designations and forms part of your final assessment. IRMSA has introduced an easier and effective way to ensure that our members have the necessary support and guidance to achieve their study objectives.

This workshop will not require you to travel but to simply click and join the session online via our digital platform. It is our way of keeping you safe while still helping you on your career path.

Objective of the workshop:

  • To help demystify the work experience logbook
  • Take you through how to complete the work experience logbook
  • How to collate your evidence
  • What type of evidence will be required
  • What to avoid typically when compiling evidence

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who intends obtaining the Certified Risk Management Practitioner designation through completing the board exam
  • Anyone wishing to apply for exemption
  • Anyone hoping to obtain their Certified Risk Management Professional designation
  • Anyone wanting to gain all round experience in risk management and wants to understand what they need to know

Secure your seat today for the Work Experience Logbook taking place on 15 February 2022. Please indicate your attendance by clicking on the BOOK NOW button and allow IRMSA to provide you with additional support to get you ready for the exam or to obtain your professional designation!

Where and When: Online, 15 February 2022

Cost: R588 ex VAT

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