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January 2021 Edition

2021: Riding the storm – Finding the silver linings

A year like no other has passed and a year like no other lies before us. We are well into January as I write this, and the year definitely started with a frenzy of activity, fuelling my excitement for a strong revival of our economy. Prediction is that we will see a 2,7% growth in GDP but I hold a more positive view and I am building my strategy around an upward trajectory for the next five years.

We decided to dedicate this edition of COVER to thoughts and opinions across the industry to provide perspective on what was and what might be on the cards in 2021.

Our commentators provide multiple views on the lessons learnt and the opportunities that are being presented to our industry. A must read to start your year.

COVER Magazine connected with Dean Richardson, Director of Insurer Sales at SSP, a global insurance software provider, to discuss their 2020 experience and the opportunities presented for 2021.

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