July 2020 Edition

Forged by the COVID inferno

I just love the image on our front cover this month. Personally, I love analogies. It is like story telling on steroids and an appropriately placed image is like a one-take parable. An image leaves the whole analogy to the imagination of the viewer, drawing from the past that has shaped his/her /their reality. Do you see a fireman triumphantly exiting a burning building, unscathed and victorious or do you see him leave the scene of adversity or turning his back on the challenge?

I see a man who has come to terms with the fact that the danger of fire is part of his daily life. In fact, it is the chosen route of his life. Without fire, he has no mission, no right of existence.

This brings me back to insurance and the very essence of our existence. We are created from adversity, from the need for certainty in a world of chaos.

As an industry, we do not have to succumb to this adversity, neither do we need to surrender to the path of least resistance. Whatever the outcome, we need to be able to say that firstly, we held up our side of the bargain and secondly, we leveraged this adversity to enrich the world. As with the image referred to above, it is up to each leader and each individual to determine what her/ his side of the bargain is and how he/she will leverage the adversity.

In the July edition of COVER we take a look at the industry outlook, what we can expect to see come out of the COVID inferno.

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