King Price Cybersure game winners take home R1 million

By: King Pice
It was a moola Monday that 5 cybercrime fighters won’t soon forget! On 12 March they faced off against a virus in the final round of the cybersure game, and 3 victorious combatants reaped the R1 million reward.
James Naidoo, Kieran Hough and Siyakha Dolonga battled it out for the top spot, but James took the grand prize win of R500,000. Siyakha ended the battle in second place, with R300,000 and Kieran finished third, taking home R200,000.
4 months ago, King Price launched cybersure… Cyber insurance for businesses. The fun-loving insurer developed a super cool, online game to get South Africans thinking and talking about their cyber safety. And the best part? The reward for those who conquered the green gremlin.
Visit King Price website to find out more on their Cybersure offering 

Watch King Price Cybersure playoffs below

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