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Legendary entrepreneurs launch revolutionary crypto investment opportunity

Stock market disruptor EasyEquities has partnered with former FNB CEO and venture capitalist Michael Jordaan and entrepreneur Earle Loxton to offer their brainchild, the DCX10 crypto token, on the EasyEquities platform.

Earle Loxton

The DCX10, a digital crypto index token offered by DCX Capital, will be available on EasyEquities from 24 June 2019. The DCX10 gives investors exposure to the 10 biggest cryptocurrencies by market cap in the DCX10 Index, with the heaviest weighting allocated to Bitcoin. For investors, there’s an appeal in having a portion (albeit small for most) of their overall portfolio invested in digital currencies, and the high risk high reward potential they carry.

As EasyEquities offers fractional investing, allowing users to invest in shares based on the amount of money they have available and not on the price of a share, offering the DCX10 on EasyEquities is a good fit as the same principle is applied to the DCX10. Investors can invest with any amount of money they have due to the fractional nature of the token, making it even more accessible and affordable.  

Charles Savage

The launch of the digital crypto index token on the platform furthers EasyEquities customer centric culture. When surveyed, 10% of invested EasyEquities customers identified Crypto as the number one product or service they would want to see added the platform. “Having DCX10 available on EasyEquities means giving anybody the opportunity to add crypto to their portfolio; in the same affordable, easy way they have come to love about using our platform to invest in shares. In addition to our no minimums no monthly fees mantra and our standard 0.25% brokerage, DCX10 tokens can be bought for any amount an investor has available,” says Charles Savage, CEO of EasyEquities.

Unlike buying crypto directly from one of the exchanges, investing in the DCX10 allows investors to spread their risk by providing diversification among the 10 cryptocurrencies it is made up of. 

Jordaan says: “We realized the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies but also that it was impossible to predict which protocols would eventually prevail. Just like the early days of the Internet, it was hard to say which would be the winners, and this gave Earle and I the idea to diversify our crypto holdings instead of trying to pick the champions. The result was a platform that would extend this offering to the general public and institutions in a secure, transparent and affordable way.”

Offering the DCX10 on the EasyEquities platform keeps EasyEquities leading the pack in the disruption of traditional stockbroking while ensuring investors who are crypto-curious have access to diversified and safer crypto assets. 

“In every bull market, the top 10 cryptocurrencies as a group have outperformed Bitcoin, says Loxton. “When comparing DCX10 to Bitcoin since 1 January 2016, Bitcoin grew 1734% while DCX10 returned 2883% – and this made it a no-brainer for us.”

Loxton explains: “Bitcoin always leads the bull run, but inevitably investors look to the other crypto’s where yet untapped potential and excitement lies. This shifts of demand to the so-called “altcoins” which drives up their prices – the result:  DCX10 outperforms Bitcoin, time after time”

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