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Lightstone Survey To Collect Covid-19 Impact Data

By: Lightstone

Lightstone survey will look at the affect lockdown has on companies across South Africa

The reality of the indefinite lockdown measures will start sinking in this week as organisations around the country endeavour to find alternative avenues to keep their businesses afloat and maintain their customer base beyond the isolation period. Lightstone, the company who provide accurate data analysis, is offering simple solutions for their clients amidst the disaster; via the MyEcho survey platform.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, companies from all over the world have increased communication between employees and customers thus maintaining a unique way to maintain two-way communication between stakeholders. Social distancing enforcements have suspended many client facing services, however, according to Mark Groch, social distancing should not mean communication shutdown. Additionally, Groch mentions that with thousands of employees working from home, employers must find alternative ways to gauge employee wellbeing and secure productivity. “Companies have been forced to find new ways of working; surveys via the MyEcho platform offers our clients just that – a new way to reach out to customers and gather crucial data about the people who interact with their business every day. Now more than ever people need to feel connected and thankfully, the 4IR digital era and IoT (Internet of Things) progression has made it possible for us to stay connected in so many ways.” The MyEcho platform offers clients several options; one of these being at no charge. Clients have the option of choosing an existing template or compiling a customised version in three easy steps. Survey results are available immediately and clients are able to track the performance of a survey and its results through the MyEcho dashboard.

According to Groch the advantages of using surveys are endless – from the ease of development to cost effectiveness and the ability to compare historical data to current trends. The MyEcho team has developed a survey and invites all South Africans to specifically partake in the survey in order to investigate the effect of COVID-19 on businesses. The survey results will provide key insight on the effect the disaster has had on South Africans and their organisations.

With a large enterprise like Edcon sharing their lockdown struggles last week, the pressure will be felt in small to medium sized businesses too. Those who think smart and put their customers first will reap the benefits as the economy recovers from this biological crisis. “As the president instructed, this is not a time to despair, but to stand together and be accountable,” says Groch.

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