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MUA CEO Resigns – Business as usual

MUA Insurance Acceptances (MUA), a subsidiary of Lireas Holdings (Lireas), announced 1 February that Christelle Colman has resigned as Chief Executive Officer and will be leaving the company effective 31 May 2016 to pursue a new opportunity.

Valerie Hayter, Managing Director of Lireas, says that the resignation is completely amicable and Colman will work together with the MUA board to identify an appropriate replacement during her four month handover period. “We are confident we will find a suitable replacement given the long lead time and the high profile of the job. It is business as usual for MUA and its clients.”

Being a part of the Hannover Re Group, the third largest reinsurer in the world, MUA has quality backing and remains one of Lireas’ most prestigious and important investments, adds Hayter. “We are very grateful for the fantastic work Colman has done. In her seven years as head of MUA, she and her team have transformed the company, particularly from a technology perspective.”

Colman says that a major focus area during her tenure as leader of MUA was to build a strong, cohesive and effective management team. “This team will, under the leadership of a new CEO, take the business forward. We have worked hard to ensure every aspect of MUA is run like a well-oiled machine and MUA is currently in excellent shape.”

The partnership with our risk carrier, Telesure Investments Holding Group, is a wonderful success and the relationship is a good one, adds Colman. “In addition, our new IT system ABACUS has been another success story and enables us to be more efficient and effective. We are also very excited about the imminent launch of an exciting new product, as well as a few more innovative services we are planning to roll out to our market to ensure we remain ahead of the game.”

“I am extremely proud of my team at MUA and what we have achieved. I will remain one of MUA’s biggest brand ambassadors and I wish my colleagues the best of success in the future. Most importantly I would like to remind them to live up to our dream statement, that at MUA we work hard to shift the good life into an exceptional ride,” says Colman.

“While we are sad to part ways, this separation is done in the best spirit and we wish Christelle everything of the best,” adds Hayter.

MUA Insurance Acceptances

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