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New global emerging markets fund announced

By: Nedgroup

Emerging markets provide diversification and exposure to exciting innovative businesses

The Nedgroup Investments Global Emerging Markets Equity Fund will be managed by NS Partners and is available immediately for investment in both a Rand denominated Feeder Fund and a Dollar denominated offshore Fund.

Rob Johnson, Head of Investments at Nedgroup Investments, says the fund is designed to give investors targeted access to some of the fastest-growing economies and equity markets around the world.

“Over the years, the emerging market universe has dynamically evolved thanks to improved accessibility and increased integration of financial markets. Relative valuations and the growth potential offered by companies within these markets through this new fund will also provide diversification benefits to investors,” he says.

The fund will invest in quality businesses, primarily through equity securities, listed across all emerging market exchanges and select frontier markets. The performance objective is to consistently produce returns in excess of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index over a full market cycle.

London-based boutique investment firm NS Partners follow a unique approach to investing in emerging markets, combining bottom-up fundamental stock selection with a top-down macro and country allocation view.

“I am excited that we are able to provide access to the proven capabilities of NS Partners within their emerging market strategy. We have spent many years investigating high quality managers from all over the world to run this new fund. NS Partners demonstrated the strongest affiliation with the attributes targeted through our Best of Breed selection principles,” says Johnson.

Ian Beattie, co-CIO at NS Partners and portfolio manager for the fund has extensive experience investing in emerging markets. “We are incredibly excited to partner with Nedgroup Investments and we are convinced that our partnership will lead to a winning combination for investors in the fund.” says Beattie.

The fund will invest in some of the fastest-growing economies around the world, seeking attractive businesses listed across all emerging market exchanges and select frontier markets. Beattie continues:

“The team at NS Partners have been striving for, and delivering, excellent returns from emerging markets for over 20 years through a disciplined, evidenced based investment process that is grounded in solid theory that reflects our strengths.”

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