Risk and Technology – An industry partnership

Herman Scheepers the General Manager for Risk and Technology at Renasa takes us through the role technology has played in the broker environment over the past two years and expands on the lasting benefits of the technology evolution.

Highlighted questions covered in the interview:

  • What were the main Challenges Renasa faced over the past 2 years?
  • Where do you think technology made the biggest difference in the life of insurers and brokers?
  • What lasting benefits do you see from the adoption of the technologies and the transition people made during lockdown?

A few Key points made:

  • 2021 the challenge was really to learn to kick off new projects, find new opportunities, employ new staff strategise and all in the new ‘normal’ environment.
  • New challenge is finding the balance between office attendance and working from home again
  • Maintaining communication channels on very short notice in a different way was key
  • Cloud based technology had a huge impact and enabled the way we were working
  • Work from home environment led to increased cyber risk awareness
  • Reliability and flexibility of the technology give hope for future challenges

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