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September 2017

This month sees a great variety of topics affecting your business

Starting off with the question how we should view the hype around Blockchain and Bitcoin? Is it a bubble such as the Dot Com bubble at the turn of the century, or can we actually make sense of this one and ensure its sustainability. Currently there are many different cryptocurrencies, with Bitcoin being the most well-known. During the first half of 2017 Bitcoin’s average number of daily transactions totalled 288 953, up 182% over the same period two years ago (still paling in comparison to Visa’s 150 million daily transactions). Find out what a few of our contributors think about the topic.

Feminism might be more of a thing of the past, but transformation and woman in the workplace is still very much a focus. Our industry is actually not doing that badly and the assistance we are providing women in planning their finances. Read what a few contributors wanted to focus on.

The legal/technical environment within which financial planners operate is highly complicated. COVER asked a few specialists for their thoughts on how we should go forward.

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