Stonehage Fleming Launches Global Thematic Investor Portfolio

Nicholas Mandrinos

Stonehage Fleming Investment Management (“SFIM”), in the UK, the investment division of one of the world’s leading international Family Offices, today announces the launch of its Global Thematic Investor Portfolio (“GTIP”).

GTIP is a multi-asset portfolio which deploys capital thematically into evolving secular trends. It aims to take advantage of six long-term megatrends – societal advancement, automation, digital age, evolving consumer, healthcare innovation, green economy – and the multiple underlying investment themes, to offer potential sources of above-market growth. 

GTIP’s investment themes are identified by using a disciplined methodology which serves to objectively rank themes and assess ongoing attraction. It is a concentrated portfolio aimed at investors looking for a longer term, total return framework unconstrained by traditional regional and sectoral boundaries. 

Stonehage Fleming constructs its portfolios by selecting funds managed by best in class managers from across the industry, blending their skills to meet a variety of risk-return objectives. The due diligence process for GTIP’s construction follows the same detailed and rigorous approach taken with all of Stonehage Fleming’s investments.

Graham Wainer

Nicholas Mandrinos, Partner at Stonehage Fleming Investment Management, says: “Clients are increasingly seeking to align investments with longer term megatrends – powerful forces of change felt across societies, economies and markets. It is these megatrends that give rise to the more granular investment themes that we are investing in as part of the GTIP. By launching GTIP we seek to capture structural growth opportunities and provide an avenue for clients to allocate capital to investment themes with strong secular tailwinds and potential for sustained above average revenue and earnings growth.”

Graham Wainer, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Investments at Stonehage Fleming Investment Management, adds:“Accelerating and persistent structural changes requires a manner of investing that is agnostic to traditional market-cap based asset allocation, that can overexpose investors to yesterday’s winners. In response, we have created GTIP to take advantage of these structural growth themes, providing a differentiated portfolio and forward-looking approach to investing money.”

The Global Thematic Investor Portfolio is available now to clients of Stonehage Fleming, including those residing in South Africa. Further details can be found here: Introductory video and latest article.

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