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Ten lessons from the future

“We are all destined to spend most of the restof our lives in the future.”

  1. Service, information and relationships fuel the economy.

    Pure knowledge is worthless, because relationships are your most important asset. Quality is a commodity, and it is our customers who define what value is.

  2. Bio/Nano is the new information revolution!

    It is information professionals, rather than biologists, that are fuelling advances, and this will create an economy more profound than the digital age.

  3. It’s the ‘personal’ age.

    Central power is now shifting to individuals, leveraging influence through social networks. Now you can decentralise everything: information, knowledge, energy production, health care, manufacturing, responsibility, among many.

  4. Step-change is the imperative

    Incrementalism is just not sufficient anymore. The most powerful successes are not predictable – the lesson is that taking risks is safer than doing nothing.

  5. The unknown is the field of all possibilities.

    Paradoxically, uncertainty presents the moment of real freedom, as it is beyond the known of historic baggage. So … plan dynamically and innovate radically!

  6. Eat yourself, be your own worst nightmare.

    You cannot wait to be shown how customers ought to be serviced – do it yourself, while you can afford it. Ensure that you execute your plans perfectly!

  7. You can no longer learn from experience.

    In a warp-speed world, learning from experience will no longer suffice. We must learn from the future.

  8. Market forces shape everything.

    It’s a war for talent and customers. Endeavour to create a cool culture to win the bright young minds. Connect your business to the hearts of your customers, communities and individuals.

  9. It’s one world, one mind, one time!

    A digital skin unites all mankind with one internal clock that runs 24.7, 52 weeks a year. Make use of the entire global resource base.

  10. Don’t compete!

Since we are in the most competitive market ever … so don’t compete. Find white-space opportunities in which you have no competitiors. Dance to the market’s beat.

Extracted from the book Ten Lessons from the Future by Wolfgang Grulke

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