The Cloud 101

Thryve have over the last few months run a series of articles in COVER’s magazine on ‘The Cloud’. The articles explored the topic of the Cloud relating to businesses in more detail, elaborating and explaining its’ different aspects.

Check out the interview below where Tony van Niekerk, Editor of COVER Magazine chatted with Riaan Bekker, Sales Force manager at Thryve about the Cloud and some of the topics covered in the series.

Series: The cloud explained for business

Part 1: What is the cloud?

Technology is a big cost for any business, if not the biggest. This is due to the direct reliance between business performance and business applications.

Think of business technology as a growing child: it will always need new shoes and shorts. Cloud is a way to remedy this imbalance between the need for performance and the demand that cycle places on businesses.

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Part 2: What is Public and Private cloud?

Private cloud and Public cloud (and hybrid cloud), don’t let these phrases spook you, they are actually quite simple. But knowing the difference is crucial when making strategic decisions on cloud.

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Part 3: SaaS, PaaS and other cloud flavours

Even though traditional business applications can run well on cloud data centres, there is a new breed of application called ‘cloud-native’. These are applications designed using the new methodologies cloud makes possible.

This is potent for several reasons: it means the person with the right credentials can access the application on nearly any computer, and the interface itself can be updated without needing to access any of the user machines. They simply use a service.

The service paradigm can be applied to other layers as well, such as the application itself and even the hardware everything runs on. This concept is called Everything-as- a-Service or XaaS. Xaas has three dominant flavours, between which we can define the opportunities represented by the cloud.

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