The value in face to face conversations

We recently caught up with Navin Ramparsand in his capacity as the chair of the financial planning Institute board. Navin will be speaking at the upcoming FPI Convention on the topic: ‘Face to Face conversations’.

Getting a bit of a peek into Navin’s talk, we asked him if he thought there still value in face to face conversations and, in his capacity as the chair of the FPI board, we asked why they chose the conference theme ‘The future is human’.

“So after much deliberation, at committee level, it was concluded that the artificial intelligence FinTech, financial planning technology, or any other technology for that matter, will never replace the need for human contact or human interaction. Therefore, the theme, the future is human, make sense as the future is human and is underpinned by technology as a resource.”

Don’t forget to register for the FPI Convention taking place 25-26 October:

Watch the sneak peek into Navin’s talk below:

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