There is no risk in being different when nothing is the same

By: Country for Jane (CFJ)

As Mckinsey notes in its recent report, ‘How marketing leaders can both manage the coronavirus crisis and manage the future’, there is much uncertainty about the future. One thing is for sure, now more than ever brands and companies need to reframe their value propositions to ensure they are relevant to consumers’ ever evolving needs. But large organisations often don’t have the agility, innovation or new ideas on tap to adapt fast. Going forward, economics is set to play a huge role, so merging business goals with creative solutions is imperative.

New funding models that allow medical insurance to be bought with personal care products for just R5. Coke cans turned into banks. TV characters fates tracked to educate viewers on the benefits of having insurance. Smart vending machines linking every sample to individual data. Reward programmes that are revenue generators. Microbusinesses that are fully automated allowing their owners to attend university and earn a decent living. These are some of the projects, that female led marketing and business innovators, A Country for Jane (CFJ), have been working on over the past two years.

Now they are releasing a Business Rescue Package that gives clients a full strategic reframing of their value proposition, relevant to a new world, FREE of charge. “We want brands and businesses to have the chance to reimagine their relevance and we will shoulder the financial risk,” explains Ursula McDonald, CFJ MD and co-founder.

The backbone of the agency’s innovative strategic process is called ‘Idea Economics’.

‘Idea Economics’ merges creative thought (imagination, emotions, ideas) with economics (money, statistics and numbers) to find the best way to meet people’s needs. It’s required a new agency model with ex-marketing directors, an economist, rewards partners, technology specialists and financial innovators joining the CFJ creative table, to create new ideas that reframe a brand or company’s value proposition. “We’re thinking for a new normal,” explains Pippa Capstick, the agency’s Executive Creative Director and co-founder. “Everything has changed. The world doesn’t need another traditional agency.”

To make these ideas accessible to clients’ now tight budgets, CFJ has implemented a new subscription-based billing model, allowing them to ‘pay as they play’. Clients don’t pay for anything except the ‘content’ they like. “Traditionally agency revenue models have forced clients to pay for strategies, ideas or resources they don’t like or need,” says McDonald. “We knew we could do better.” CFJ’s model works very much like audiobooks and Apple TV, allowing brands and businesses the opportunity to take advantage of attractive fixed costs while following their own implementation timelines. A monthly ‘subscription’ fee gives client’s access to meetings, workshops and account management services, as and when they require them. As clients purchase packages, they also earn JaneMoney, a rewards currency they can spend on insight workshops, video podcasts and proactive idea presentations.

“Our packages range from TV, radio, digital and PR to ROI Modelling, SME re-development, lead generation, strategic partnerships and collaboration,” explains Capstick. “We work across all platforms, not only the traditional ones. Most importantly, we have access to a toolbox of effective and innovative new channels and platforms designed to maximise clients’ budgets.”

“We’re building a new country, from the bottom-up,” says McDonald, “New rules, different thinking. More heart.”

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