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thryve wishes our staff, customers and partners a happy holiday season and prosperous 2021

By: thryve

thryve would like to wish our employees, customers, partners and the market a happy holiday season and best wishes for 2021. 

There is little doubt that 2020 will be a year for the history books, and created very testing conditions for communities and businesses alike. But as we come to the close of the year, there are signs that the worst may be behind us and we’re entering a future where we can apply 2020’s lessons to great effect.

“I’m sure many of us are happy to see the end of this year, which was a truly trying time for everyone,” says Sean Pyott, thryve’s managing director. “Looking back, I believe the world at large has come out of the crisis stronger, with more insight and a better grasp on our priorities. 2020 brought some painful lessons with it, but it also helped us increase clarity about what can be done today and tomorrow. I expect this reinvigorated spirit will help people accomplish great things in 2021. To that end, myself and the rest of thryve would like to wish everyone a happy, restful holiday and a great 2021.” 

For thryve, it’s been a year that brought both adjustments as well as new opportunities. As with many companies, we had to switch to remote working. This transition happened seamlessly, a testament to our excellent staff as well as the technology platforms that we deploy and use internally.

Likewise, we could help our customers adjust to the new realities after the COVID-19 pandemic. thryve additionally implemented numerous new projects to enable modern risk, financial and client management services among several of our clients. 

During 2020, thryve continued to provide services and solutions to mid-size and large enterprises. We delivered modernising platforms from our partners Salesforce, Riskonnect, Tableau, Flowgear, Xactium and internal thryve products to a variety of South African customers. Additionally, we also expanded our product delivery to France, Italy and Zambia, where we provide market-leading Risk Management and GRC solutions to major enterprises

Internally, we made numerous advances to our services and standards. thryve’s internal products have been migrated to Microsoft’s Azure hyperscale cloud, enabling us to provide faster deployment and new emerging technology features. Thryve also achieved certification for ISO 27001:2013 compliance, meaning we adhere to international requirements for the safe and secure handling of our customer data. In this same lane, thryve has also made considerable progress towards becoming GDPR compliant. 

Most recently, we added LexisNexis to our Riskonnect solution stack, providing hands-on legal and plain-spoken guidance for our customers around laws and regulations related to Africa as well as international jurisdictions. 

Despite a tough year, we were able to thrive – and in 2021, thryve will continue to bring the possibilities of customer relationship management, financial management, and governance, risk & compliance to our current and future customers across the globe. 

But for now, please enjoy your holidays. We look forward to welcoming you back next year, refreshed and ready to create new potential and progress for a brighter future.

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