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Triple vote of confidence in Sanlam Umbrella fund

By: Sanlam

The Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) has awarded the Sanlam Umbrella Fund the Best in Class Trophy for Investment Practice, the Best in Class Trophy for Governance, the Gold Standard Certificate for Excellence in a Communication Project and a Special Merit Award in the 2017 IRFA Best Practices Industry Awards.

This awards programme aims to recognise the contributions made by retirement fund providers across a broad range of categories ranging from governance, stakeholder engagement, investment and financial reporting to transformation and trustee development.

Irlon Terblanche, Chief Executive Officer of Sanlam Umbrella Solutions said that these awards were a “massive vote of confidence by respected authorities in the retirement fund industry and serve as a valuable endorsement to the pioneering efforts and innovations being undertaken by Sanlam in the administration and evolution of this innovative fund”.

The Sanlam Umbrella Fund is focused on providing retirement security, robust governance, value for money and sound investment opportunities for members. “Employers can be confident in our ability to manage the retirement savings of their employees with care and commitment. Within the complexities of a constantly evolving retirement benefits environment we have a duty and a responsibility to help members make better choices that can improve their financial outcomes at retirement.”

“The recent innovations we have introduced to our umbrella fund platform equips members with a range of tools and calculators to support them through every stage of the retirement planning journey – from day one of employment to day one of retirement and beyond – placing members in a position to take control of their financial futures,” concluded Terblanche.

These latest accolades come on the back of the Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa’s (FIA) naming Sanlam as South Africa’s Employee Benefits Product Supplier of the Year 2017.

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