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Women’s Month E-Book

Marching to the top

I can easily say that the August 2019 issue of COVER has given me the most joy and biggest satisfaction to put together, since I took over at COVER. I could not resist turning the Women’s Feature into an E-Book for ease of sharing, therefore ensuring that as many people as possible read the contribution from these fabulous women in insurance. So go on, share far and wide.

In celebration of Women’s Month, I decided to ask a few of the many special industry woman that have enriched my life, to provide me with a short contribution. I provided no brief and no guidelines, simply asking them to write from the heart on “being a woman”. I encourage you to take your time and really immerse yourself in these stories, for they will not only enrich your understanding of the role women play in our industry, but they will encourage you to promote gender equality.

Thank you to all the woman who are growing this valuable industry and who enrich my life and my business on a daily basis. Thanks also to all the exceptional women who  took the time to provide their comments for this feature. 

Download the Women’s Feature E-Book

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