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App addresses change in SA’s investment trends


Spending habits are not the only behavioural difference seen in consumers since the onset of the Covid-19 induced lockdowns, investment and savings trends have changed too. Financial services provider, Fedgroup, has updated its App to cater for these needs.

This extends beyond how investors want to interact with a business to include the traditional product offerings investment clients prefer.

“It is no secret that South Africa’s savings rate is poor, but we have noticed that since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, our clients have become more astute about how they invest and the products they invest in” says Grant Field, CEO of Fedgroup.

The updated App is designed to cater to the accelerated digital migration that investors are starting to expect but provide the full suite of products for choice.

In addition to the very popular Impact Farming product, the App now includes traditional investments like Tax-Free Savings, Unit Trusts, and Fedgroup’s longest standing product, Secured Investment.

Ease of use is facilitated by the digital wallet on the App. The Wallet, which previously restricted investors to simply housing their returns or withdrawing their earnings, now allows investors to top up their balance and invest in new products using either the full wallet balance, or a portion thereof, towards their investment

“We have seen that our investment clients have shown an increased appetite for products that offer more certainty, such as our Secured Investment,” says Field. Previously the favourites were Impact Farming investments, particularly the solar panels.

Brokers are not excluded. If anything, the App allows them to become more efficient in ensuring that their clients are attending to future financial needs.

Tedious paperwork and in-person meetings with clients, that declined drastically during the various stages of lockdown, are now in the rearview mirror. They have been replaced with the App that allows brokers to continue supporting their clients, without being left out of pocket.

For more information download the Fedgroup App on Google Play Store or the App Store.

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