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Long Live Advice When we look at the long term industry, including financial, investment and retirement planning, we deal with long term uncertainties. You cannot change the reality for your clients when you’re dealing with…
AfricaRisk Management

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty appoints Damien Liebart Regional Head of Allianz Risk Consulting for Mediterranean & Africa Region

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) announced the appointment of Damien Liebart as the new Regional Head of Allianz Risk Consulting (ARC) for Region Mediterranean & Africa, effective January 1st2022. He will report directly to Michele Williams, Global…
AfricaFinancial Planning

OLEA Insurance Solutions sets up in SA, accelerating its expansion on the African continent

OLEA Insurance Solutions, a pan-African specialist in insurance markets, is accelerating its expansion on the African continent by setting up in South Africa. Recently the company announced its acquisition of a majority stake in the…

Building resilience with SASRIA's material damage cover

What you need to know It was no surprise when the tenth Allianz Risk Barometer – released in January this year – listed Business Interruption, Pandemic Outbreak and Cybersecurity Incidents respectively as the COVID-19 trio…

E-nnuity - a unique and innovative quotation system

Karen Wentzel the head of annuities at Sanlam Corporate and Victor Willemse the actuarial analyst at Sanlam Employee Benefit talk to us about Sanlam’s E-nnuity product and their partnership with JumpCo. It was a great…

Insurance in Africa - A view from the top

Opportunities and challenges for insurers and brokers on the continent.

Ransomware - Cyber risk expands

Ransomware – Cyber risk expands with Santho Mahopeloa Senior Underwriter at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Africa

Aviation insurance - Flying high after COVID

Jan Coetzee founder of Azriel Aviation, a Constantia UMA, has been in the Aviation business for more than 32 years, setting up Azriel in 2010. We spoke to him about his business, the aviation sector…

Yes, there are opportunities in Marine Insurance

Colin Moodley, the Managing Director at Terra Marine, a Constantia UMA Partner, shares their approach to Marine Insurance and why he thinks there are opportunities for brokers to get involved. “Marine is one of the…

Restraints of Trade - the good, the bad, and the ugly

A restraint of trade agreement is something that is used quite often but very few people look closely at it and the implications of signing one. Are they enforceable? Do we know what it entails?…

Great Advice Opportunity Webinar - Refueled

With great uncertainty and volatility comes the need for reassurance and certainty. This is when insurance and effective advice plays a massive role. Clients need to have trust in brokers and the industry that they…

The many ways to add value in the tech space

We had a interesting conversation with the managing director of JumpCO, Edgar Maistry. He illustrated how their business approaches opportunities while always focusing on giving back. It was fascinating to hear how, as the need arises out of…

Understanding the insurance needs of high-net-worth individuals

It’s hard to believe that it’s more than 30 years since MUA opened its doors. MUA was started by an entrepreneur with a passion for classic and exotic cars and a passion for building relationships with the broker market. That same passion still sits within the business today, which…

Of trucks and haulage

Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance is a fascinating but also complicated segment of the short term insurance industry. Lockdown and social unrest brought their own issues to the table, but also opened up opportunities. Dean Robertson…

The relationship between actuaries and A.I.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have added a whole new scope for actuaries. But, it almost seems like there could be a bit of a conflict in terms of AI taking over some of what…

Taxi insurance - Tricky, but possible

The types of covers applicable in the commercial passenger carrying vehicle segment are not always straightforward and can seem like an impossible task, but that changes when you watch this discussion with Rajen Govender, MD…

If meeting legislation requirements is overwhelming, Compliance as a Service is the solution

POPI made businesses aware of the importance around the usage, deleting, storing and managing of all things with data. But it goes much further than that as you also have cyber risks, ransom attacks, data…