Hollard announces new Group CEO

The Hollard Insurance Group today announced that Willie Lategan, former Group CFO and currently CEO of Hollard’s short-term insurance arm, will take over from Saks Ntombela as Hollard Group CEO with effect from 1 July 2022….

Advice and Innovation E-book

Long Live Advice When we look at the long term industry, including financial, investment and retirement planning, we deal with long term uncertainties. You cannot change the reality for your clients when you’re dealing with…

Sanlam’s Partnership With Allianz Could Strengthen Its Competitive Position In Africa

S&P Global Ratings S&P Global Ratings said that it believes South Africa-based insurer Sanlam’s plan to enter a joint venture with Allianz (core operating entities rated AA/Stable/A-1+) provides an opportunity for both groups to reinforce…

Sanlam and Allianz join forces to create African insurance giant

Sanlam, the largest non-banking financial services company in Africa, and Allianz, one of the world’s leading insurers and asset managers with a century of history in Africa, have agreed to combine their current and future…

Changing the way we do life insurance

In March FMI rebranded themselves to Bidvest Life. A huge moment in their business and what they believe will be the catalyst for a step-change in the life insurance industry towards protecting the paydays of…

Underwriting as an operational or strategic function

We’re speaking to Sujeeth Bishoon, the executive chief underwriting officer at Constantia insurance company about underwriting as an operational or strategic function. A few points made by Sujeeth: Underwriting is both strategic and operational Machine…

Accelerating Delivery in the Insurance Industry

We recently caught up with Corneil du Plessis, the chief architect at JumpCO holdings to discuss the interesting topic of accelerating tech delivery in the insurance industry. Watch our discussion below:

Challenges faced by the professional market

Deon Theunis, the Head of Intermediary Support at Sanlam Individual Life discusses the challenges faced by the professional market and how this relates to their financial advice. Deon believes that the challenges can be put…

Integration – A specialist area in the insurance ecosystem 

We are speaking to Mongezi Khuma, Integration Specialist at JumpCO. During our discussion Mongezi reveals some interesting opportunities in the world of insurance technology. Some points made by Mongezi: “Systems are different from financial to…

The importance of SME's having the right insurance cover

It is incredibly important for people who enter the environment of owning a small business or being an intrepreneur, to get the right cover. You can’t just keep your personal cover and think that it…

InsureTalk turns two

InsureTalk has certainly grown and become an industry staple. The concept came into being as a discussion around the company’s end of the year braai back in 2019. When the first InsureTalk took place in…

Hard Tech – Soft Touch 

We are once again talking tech with Tavio Roxo, Owls Software and Tony van Niekerk, COVER magazine. In this episode they discuss Tech vs Human. We are always looking to tech to do the heavy…

Opportunities in value added products

Andries Labuschagne, the MD of InsureAfrica takes us through the opportunities in the motor VAPS market. There’s a real opportunity for Brokers here. We have designed products that are often associated with risk gaps that…

The complexity of underwriting in general

We’re speaking to Sujeeth Bishoon, the executive chief underwriting officer at Constantia insurance company about the complexity of underwriting in general. According to Sujeeth few of the contributing factors to the complexity of underwriting are:…

Digital not the be-all, less is more and RIP to the middle man - Insurance trends you were not expecting in 2022

As with just about every facet of our daily lives, the last two years have radically changed consumer behaviour, and this has profound implications for the insurance industry.  We caught up with Berniece Hieckmann, Head…

A balanced budget in tough times, but is it enough?

The National Budget was characterised by the balance between social welfare expenditure and fiscal sustainability amid a disappointing outlook for GDP growth in South Africa. The estimate for GDP growth for 2021 was reduced from…

Budget 2022 - Not much more can be done

The South African national budget speech by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana, clearly shows that South Africa has some challenges ahead. In his speech Minister Godongwana spoke about the upside and downside scenario to the growth…