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Continue to bring value to your clients despite the pandemic

As brokers, your business has always been heavily reliant on personal relationships and your ability to establish and maintain these relationships. However, in this new world, we have to adapt and approach clients differently in order to help these relationships thrive. 

Technology may previously have been seen as ‘alienating’ or ‘a barrier to personal connection’. However, with the advent of COVID-19, we are quickly learning that technology is our best tool to facilitate connection with our clients. 

Now more than ever, people are thinking about life policies and taking out these policies has become an even more emotional undertaking. Clients are looking for reassurance and advice that speaks to their personal needs and worries – an aggregator or online insurance application cannot do this. 

With BrightRock’s offering, the independent broker is the best aggregator and the most sophisticated technology available to clients. 

As financial advisers, you are uniquely qualified to find the perfect fit for your clients’ risk cover needs. You are not only able to understand your clients’ concerns and their aspirations, but are able to relate those concerns and aspirations back to your clients’ underlying financial needs. You are also equipped to then relate those financial needs back to a life insurance solution that can adequately cater for each client. This is important work, especially in an uncertain environment.

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