FPI Convention 2021: The Future is Human

Registration is now open for the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa’s (FPI) 2021 Professionals Convention. Don’t miss this chance to hear global thought leaders explain why The Future is Human.

The 2021 FPI Professionals Convention will be hosted as a hybrid event, giving attendees the choice of a face-to-face experience and a digital convention. The face-to-face event will be hosted at the Indaba Hotel in Gauteng. Numbers will be limited to 250 participants (subject to Covid-19 restrictions at the time). The online event, meanwhile, will be a state-of-the-art experience facilitated by the digital whizzkids at The Conference Company. 

By members, for members

After the year we’ve all been through we decided to give attendees what they really wanted at this year’s convention. To this end we asked our members to decide on the theme, the topics and the speakers!

The Future is Human was chosen as a theme because now, more than ever, financial planners and advisors are using technology in every aspect of their practices, from practice management to financial modelling. We feel it has all become a little impersonal, and that the time has come to redirect the focus to the human side of the profession. We should never forget that our profession is about relationships and especially the sacred relationship between client and advisor. 

Ricardo Teixeira CFP® from BDO South Africa, who will be speaking at the conference, explains that “the essence of financial planning is to help a person live their life of purpose with the money they have. Financial planning is the art of preventing your client from making a big mistake that could destroy wealth. You don’t do this through an app or tech solution. You do this by being human.” 

Who will be speaking?

We’ve packed this year’s roster with more than a dozen top notch local and international speakers. Some of the highlights include:

  • World-renowned American cognitive neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf will unpack the nascent world of Behavioural Finance. Dr Leaf will help you to clean up your mental mess by providing practical tips and tools to take control over your mental, physical and emotional health. You can then do the same for your clients…
  • Internationally acclaimed Future Strategist John Sanei will provide you with a blueprint for personal TRANS-FOR-MOTION. He will help you to understand the neuroscience behind the emotional blocks we carry, to identify the biases and assumptions leaders hold, to shift your organisation’s behaviour and to develop metrics for failure and success as you navigate the road ahead.
  • The convention will be closed by transformation coach Nick Elston from the UK who will use his own engaging and inspirational story of overcoming adversity to inspire you to prioritise self-development above all else. Because achieving personal fulfilment is the cornerstone of giving effective advice to your clients.

Other benefits 

Beyond the conference room, the convention (both virtual and face-to-face) is a golden opportunity to forge career-changing relationships with regulators, policymakers, fellow professionals and industry captains. You will also receive take home copies of presentations by the fabulous speakers and the Convention magazine, not to mention 12.5 all-important Continuing Professional Development points.

Watch Interviews with some of the convention speakers below:

FPI’s journey over the last 18 months and future plans

We recently caught up with Lelane Bezuidenhout, Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI). During our chat Lelane gave us some insight into how the FPI have managed over the last 18 months and what their future plans may be. We also find out her expectations for the upcoming FPI Convention.

Watch the Interview:

The value of face to face conversations

We recently caught up with Navin Ramparsand in his capacity as the chair of the financial planning Institute board. Navin will be speaking at the upcoming FPI Convention on the topic: ‘Face to Face conversations’.

Getting a bit of a peek into Navin’s talk, we asked him if he thought there still value in face to face conversations and, in his capacity as the chair of the FPI board, we asked why they chose the conference theme ‘The future is human’.

“So after much deliberation, at committee level, it was concluded that the artificial intelligence FinTech, financial planning technology, or any other technology for that matter, will never replace the need for human contact or human interaction. Therefore, the theme, the future is human, make sense as the future is human and is underpinned by technology as a resource.”

Watch the sneak peek into Navin’s talk below:

Barriers to effective philanthropy

We recently caught up with Prince Siluma , CFP Head: Philanthropy at FNB Fiduciary Philanthropy Centre. Prince will be speaking at the upcoming FPI Convention on the topic: ‘Barriers to effective philanthropy’

“Now that philanthropy is becoming a space where each and every client plays regardless of their wealth status. As financial planners we need to be able to walk the journey with our clients because philanthropy is not a once off thing, it must create impact, it must create change that is measurable, so it’s a long term journey. So in terms of financial planning, philanthropy must form part of the overall investment strategy.”

Watch Prince’s sneak peek into his talk below:

Mentoring the financial planner of the future

We recently caught up with Craig Torr Director at Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd. Craig will be speaking at the upcoming FPI Convention on the topic ‘Mentoring the financial planner of the future’.

“I think a lot of people think the barriers to entry are too high and doing financial planning the correct way is too difficult and they are not seeing a way out. I hope by sharing our success story we can show then or give them hope that there is a way to do it correctly in a way that gives clients value and enables sustainability in the long run.”

Watch Craig’s sneak peek into his talk below:

A coach in your business

We recently caught up with Barry O´Mahony, Founder, Veritas Wealth. Barry will be speaking at the upcoming FPI Convention on the topic ‘A coach in your business’. He will delve into the reasons why a Financial Planner needs a practice coach to assist and guide their practice by helping them clarify the vision of their practice and how it fits in with their personal goals. Financial Practice coaching is a process used to take a financial planning practice from where it is now to where the practice owner wants it to be.

“Becoming a CFP is a tough academic mark to get to, and when you get there, you feel like you have all the answers. When you start doing financial planning the humility is quickly put back into you by the client experiences you have and you quickly realise that you don’t have all the answers and, in fact, your client has much better answers than you do. So in a way we need to build up a skill base to ask better questions and keep quiet and listen for the real and great answers.”

Watch Barry’s sneak peek into his talk below:

Lived experience of mental health

We recently caught up with Nick Elston, Inspirational Speaker on Mental Health, Nick will be speaking at the upcoming FPI Convention on the topic ‘Lived Experience of Mental Health’. Nick will be Sharing experiences of his own mental health struggles and challenges to help increase engagement in mental health initiatives and will share some tools and tips to dealing with pressures.

“As Financial planners you deal with two sides of pressure, your own and that of your client. It’s important that we recognise how we can help other people around us but also how we can protect ourselves to be strong enough to work and live effectively.”

Listen to the Nick’s sneak peek into his topic below:

Global Regulatory updates

In the lead up to the 2021 FPI Professional convention, we caught up with Marisa Broom, CFP®, owner and principal at
wealthadvice. Marisa will be one of the speakers at the convention and we ask her if she could give us a heads up as to what she will be talking about at the convention.

“Regulation is such a big part of what we do in the financial industry. The FPSB is commited to making sure all CFP’s around the world have every resource possible so they can deliver the best advice. We need to be in a position to understand where the trends are in regulatory change, so that we can anticipate what changes may happen in the future, and therefore, prepare ourselves and members to face those changes or be in front of the changes. I want to talk to the convention about the trends and changes that we are seeing and how they can influence how you deliver better advice.

Watch the interview with Marisa below:

Understanding behavioral finance and how it applies to my practice

In the lead up to the 2021 FPI professional convention we chatted to Dr Prince Sarpong, Senior Lecture, School for Financial Planning Law, UFS, who will be one of the speakers at the convention. We asked Dr Sarpong if he could give us a heads up as to what his talk was going to be about.

Dr Sarpong explains how behavioural finance has evolved from being purely academic research, focussed mainly on identifying financial rationality, to now going beyond just identifying, but also looking at how we can incorporate this into practices to better help clients achieve their financial goals.

Watch the interview with Dr Sarpong below:

Futures strategist on the topic : ” Trans for motion”

We recently caught up with John Sanei, Future Strategist and speaker for the upcoming FPI convention. John’s topic at the convention is titled “Trans for Motion”, we asked him if he could explain to us what this title means and what he will be speaking about.

“The world is going through one of the biggest transformations any one alive has experienced, and the talk is about what this change looks like. We moving at hyper pace towards an untold future which is making people uncomfortable. What do we do in this process of ‘transfer motion’, where we are in the process, when does it end and when do we begin the new world…”

Watch the interview with John below:

Vital Details

Online event: Date: 25 and 26 October 2021

Registration closes: 15 October 2021

Venue: Online (Link to be sent prior to Convention)
Verifiable CPD: 12.5
Time: 08h00 – 17h00

Cost: FPI Member: R 2 500.00 | FPI Non-member: R 3 000.00

If you’re even slightly concerned about how you and your practice will adjust to the challenges of the future (who isn’t?) you need to be there. Book your seat at You don’t have to be a member to benefit from the event.

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