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Learn On – Knowledge is Power

COVER is evolving with our changing industry in order to serve our readers more effectively. A vibrant insurance industry requires skilled, trained and knowledgeable workers with an understanding of the evolving insurance market, which will equip them to best serve their clients. With this in mind, COVER is delighted to be partnering with LearnOn in creating a professional learning and CPD platform that will bring you the latest knowledge and techniques, directly to your screen.

“Update your skills and knowledge, where and when you want to, on our innovative E-learning platform”

Firstly, all COVER readers, that are registered with the IISA, can now conduct a CPD quiz on COVER’s LearnOn Portal to earn their CPD points. Readers that have signed up to our newsletter will be notified each month, once the digital magazine is live, whereafter they can login at any time to do the quiz, at no cost. The September edition is the very first edition to have the CPD quiz, so be sure to create an account and get your CPD going!

Secondly, COVER and LearnOn have, and will continue to, work with professional bodies such as The IISA and The FPI to create innovative learning material, thereby assisting you with your professional development.

Through LearnOn, COVER has access to more than 15 years experience in the field of corporate training and specifically in the field on online learning in the financial services industry. LearnOn creates tailor-made interactive online courses, videos and animations. Contact them for more information on their corporate packages.

Take a look below at the great learning formats they have to offer


Online Courses

Earn CPD points while you expand your knowledge by completing one of our interactive in-depth online courses. Our extensive library of courses covers a range of insurance related topics from the History of Insurance to Cyber Insurance.

Cost: R125 per course, access for 3 month

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Need to come to grips with a topic to impress your colleagues or understand a concept before an important meeting? No time for an hour long course? No problem. Watch one of the short videos for a quick understanding of the topic.

Cost: R55 per video, access for 3 months

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Insurance study Aids

Our infographics provide a one page visually interesting summary of a host of topics. They are a great tool to assist in preparing for your insurance related exams.

Cost: Free for LearnOn students and COVER subscribers

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Insurance Glossary

Obtain access to the A-Z of insurance terms

Cost: Free for LearnOn students and COVER subscribers.

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LIve Chat

Have access to a online tutor and technical support in real time

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Live & Recorded Webinars

On a monthly basis we host live training sessions online with industry experts covering a range of topics. If you are unable to attend the live sessions you can always view the recorded session at a time that is convenient for you.

Cost: R125 per webinar

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