A localised personal touch

With the fourth wave of COVID Still hanging over us, we spent some time with Jonathan Rosenberg, the CEO of Renasa Insurance, looking back at 2021 with its economic challenges and social unrest, and asked him for his perspectives and his thoughts for the future.

Jonathan kicked off the conversation by saying how he enjoys being able to work from the office again, after 20 months of remote working, despite the fact that Renasa operated efficiently in that remote environment. “While settling well north of R2b in claims over this period, I don’t think I have had five complaints in respect of more than five of those claims, which leaves me comfortable with the fact that our staff embraced the remote working situation well and they were productive”.

A few of the points Jonathan mentioned:

  • settled well north of 2 billion rands worth of claims
  • embrace the remote operation and the staff were arguably more efficient
  • Communication is not the same, much is lost from an interpersonal point of view and in one way or another relationships have suffered
  • The insurance industry bore the brunt of enormous pressure and criticism, which I believe, was unfairly levelled

In a closing point he said: So, local presence is important and we prefer delivering our brand of personal service through that local presence, supported by technology, rather than simply using technology as replacement”.

Listen to the conversation with Jonathan below:

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