FinCommunications goes from strength to strength

By: FinCommunications

2019 has been an exciting year for the specialist financial services marketing agency headed up by Linda Graham, with new clients, fresh accolades and the launch of a subscription service.

The firm’s many and varied communications challenges have included explaining the ins and outs of hedge fund managers and lifting the lid on the life stories of some of SA’s top advisors. Furthermore, FinSubscriptions – the company’s subscription service – has launched in South Africa. 

Our most technical challenge yet 

Graham is relishing the challenge of rebranding AIP Capital Management for the consumer market. FinCommunications specializes in making complex concepts easily understood by the man on the street and they weren’t going to let a technology-focused, niche hedge fund manager change that. Always up for a challenge, Graham went “back to the books to beef up her knowledge” to craft a new website content for AIP. Watch this space…

The people behind the numbers

On the other side of the communications spectrum, the warts-and-all book on the personal and business journeys of South Africa’s top advisors is coming along very well. Commissioned by Kim Frost of Bespoke Financial Services, the book has taken on a life of its own as Graham travels around the country to find out how these inspiring individuals rose to the top of their games. While each one’s story is unique, Graham has noticed a few similarities across the board: “They all display absolute dedication to their clients and employ fair cost structures,” she says. “And they’ve all struggled in one way or another.

A recommendation from Allan Gray

Allan Gray has included FinCommunications as one of their recommended marketing suppliers to their circle of independent advisors – who will receive a 10% discount on FinCommunications’ marketing and communications services. “We see this as a heart-warming vote of confidence from one of the biggest names in the business,” says Graham, before adding that the timing is serendipitous as Fincommunications is “re-structured and poised for growth.”

Taking the FPI to the next level

It’s been all systems go for Graham since landing the Financial Planning Institute’s PR account in March 2019. In an especially exciting development, FinCommunications is playing its part in working towards the transformation of the financial planning industry by arranging presentations at universities to encourage commerce undergraduates to become fin planners. What’s more, Graham has secured prominent and ongoing media space for the FPI’s Financial Planner of the Year in both Tiso Blackstar and Independent Media publications and her highly successful ‘We need you’ email campaign resulted in a notable spike in attendance at this year’s FPI Conference.  

Quality financial content at a fraction of the cost

After 12 months of research, writing and product development, FinSubcriptions – the all-new subscriptions subsidiary of FinCommunications – launched earlier this month. This exciting new service promises to revitalize client communication for small and medium-sized financial-planning firms. The monthly subscription fee gives advisors access to a pre-written library of quality financial content on an array of relevant topics. Researched by a qualified CFP and written by a leading journalist, FinSubscriptions puts top-notch content within reach of all advisors.

Since establishing FinCommunications in early 2018, Graham has pioneered a new genre of financial communication that is both painstakingly accurate and elegantly told.  For further information see

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