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IIWC Pet quiz

For a bit of fun and to get those thinking caps on in preparation for the IIWC’s “Pop-up for Paws” Quiz night taking place on 22 July at 19:30, we decided to test the theory if pet owners resemble their pets by using the IIWC council members.

Below you will find images of some of the IIWC council members and their pets, it is your job to test your skill and match the council member to their pet. You can email your answers to, entry deadline 21 July at 12:00 noon. For example if you decided the likely owner of the pet pig below was David then you would put down A-2.

Have fun and don’t forget to register for the Pop-up for Paws Quiz night, all proceeds of which goes to the worthy cause of Mdazananda animal clinic.

Did you know…

A psychologist from Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan named Sadahiko Nakajima not only proved that people who look like their dogs and cats are not uncommon, they are actually the norm. Throughout the course of his research, Nakajima even discovered that total strangers were able to match pictures of dogs and their owners against photos of other random dogs with which they were presented.

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