MyCyberCare bundles provide total cyber protection

By: MyCyberCare

As businesses increasingly move towards digitalisation, this brings a plethora of opportunities for cyber-attackers. The predominant serious cyber-security issues that organisations face are credential phishing, viruses, malware, ransomware, DDoS attacks, BEC/wire-transfer fraud, account takeover, malicious or unsafe apps (cloud and mobile), SQL injection, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Similarly, consumers face a continuously expanding range of cyber-attacks as hackers become more sophisticated and devious in their approach.

“We find that often two predominant reasons exist for lax or non-existent cyber-security. The first is budgetary limitations. However, while it may seem judicious to save money on security, even just one breach can seriously harm an organisation or an individual. Secondly, a lack of knowledge of bespoke protection can lead to system updates being for the most part being absent. The solution is a cyber-security bundle that provides extensive and inclusive coverage from cyber-attacks,” says Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of MyCyberCare.

MyCyberCare works hand in glove with security software developers and insurance companies to develop cyber-security bundles that adhere to the stringent requirements of insurance policy claims procedures that stipulate the use of security software. 

“We have bundled together a number of our own locally-developed solutions with third-party software which we represent in South Africa. Taking the specific cyber-security requirements of both the business sector and the consumer into consideration, we can now offer a comprehensive bundled solution that includes our MyCyberCare fully regulated insurance solution, Cybercare4U product warranty, MyCyberDNA monitoring, MyCyberTraining products, together with Bitdefender and McAfee security software,” says Campbell-Young.

“Security software on its own is no longer sufficient to thwart attacks. Global security software vendors are already shifting towards the monitoring solutions that form a large part of the MyCyberCare offerings, specifically in the form of MyCyberDNA,” says Campbell-Young.

MyCyberDNA adds an extra layer of protection to typical anti-virus software. The software includes a personal cyber-security score and report, scam prevention training and awareness, support, device vulnerability protection, stolen and leaked ID monitoring, threat alerts and vulnerability scanning across all SME protection plans and three of the four personal and family protection plans. Additional functionality, such as router vulnerability protection, digital footprint management and custom intelligence is provided on some or all of the personal and family protection plans. The SME protection plans also include multi-device protection and simulated attacks. 

The Cybercare4U product warranty (R10000.00 per annum) covers fraudulent online purchases, phishing scams, fraudulent in-app purchases, fraudulent EFTs and virus attacks and includes cyber-bullying trauma support, legal assistance and ID theft mediation. 

The signed agreements that MyCyberCare has with both the Bitdefender and McAfee brands allows them to embed their cyber insurance bundle with these offerings and take this new bundled offering to the SA consumer and SMMEs. Bitdefender anti-virus solutions are available for home users with packages available for PCs, MACs, iOS, Android or multiple platforms and for businesses from SMMEs through to large enterprises.

The McAfee internet security cloud-based threat analysis solution provides ransomware protection, safe web browsing, performance optimisation, password management and multi-device protection. McAfee Total Protection is an anti-virus package with a two-way firewall with McAfee NetGuard™, a vulnerability scanner, WebAdvisor, Shredder, Quick Clean, security for mobile devices, online advice from security experts, anti-spam, password management, File Lock, and Safe Family.

“Underpinning all of these software offerings is MyCyberTraining, which provides users with complete cyber awareness content in short-format videos. The fully automated cyber-training platform includes real-world scenarios showing techniques, tactics, and schemes that hackers are currently using to jeopardise your cyber-security. In this training campaign we explain how to avoid email scams, ransomware, unintentional data leaks, travel and public Wi-Fi incidents,” says Campbell-Young. 

The MyCyberCare bundles are available for purchase either off-the-shelf at major retailers or online. 

For more information contact MyCyberCare, +27 (0)83 633 7947,,

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