Navigating the offshore retirement minefield

By: Sovereign Trust

Seminar to unpack ever-changing investment options

There has been a ‘marked increase’ in the number of middle-class earners looking to offshore investments as part of their retirement planning in the past 10 years – and this number will only grow as local investors look to hedge their earnings against a volatile Rand.

But while there is a multitude of offshore investments available to South Africans looking for tax-efficient retirement planning, it is vital that investors choose the right investment vehicles for their specific needs, warns Sovereign Trust SA’s managing director, Coreen van der Merwe.

“Offshore investments have always been part of so-called high net worth individuals’ investment objectives, but we’re seeing a boom in the numbers of middle-class South Africans who want to move their money offshore and diversify their assets and investments for a more secure retirement,” says van der Merwe. 

“The key is to find the structures that will deliver the right outcomes for their individual requirements and then to optimise them in terms of taxation, whether for retirement funding or succession planning, or both.”

To help local investors navigate the offshore retirement minefield, Sovereign Trust SA will be staging the sixth edition of its highly popular International Retirement Seminars in Cape Town and Johannesburg at the end of August. Van der Merwe says there have been ‘quantum changes’ in pension legislation in recent years, and the seminar will provide up-to-date confirmation of the laws in play, and outline the various options for different retirement needs. 

The speakers include: 

  • Renowned futurist and analyst Daniel Silke, who will share an overview of the South African political arena to provide the backdrop for the seminar
  • Joanne Baynham, director and head of investment strategy at MitonOptimal SA, who will unpack the type of factors driving investment returns in uncertain times
  • Renowned trust specialist Jose Delgado, who will explain the role of SA trusts in estate and retirement planning
  • Sable Group MD Andrew Rissik, who will discuss what the Rand’s value means for a South African’s retirement possibilities offshore
  • Sovereign Trust SA director Richard Neal, who will review the tax implications of the so-called ‘expat tax’ and consider whether a corporate pension structure is a possible solution; and 
  • Sovereign Trust SA chairman Tim Mertens, who will talk briefly about why buying property in the UK remains a sound retirement planning option, especially when done through vehicles like Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes (QNUPS). 

Additional speakers will highlight the benefits of jurisdictions like Guernsey for pension structuring, and whether the Davis Tax Committee’s comments require any changes in the approach to retirement structuring from a South African or Guernsey perspective. 

To find out more, or to register: 

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