R500 000 donation from Old Mutual helps specialised health care areas at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital

Old Mutual

Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital is one of the largest public hospitals in Gauteng and one of 10 central hospitals in the country, with a capacity of 1 088 beds. It serves many communities in the province as well as patients outside the province.

“Following the fire that gutted the special dispensary stores at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in April 2021, Old Mutual stepped in with a donation of equipment to the value of R500 000 to improve patient care,” says Fikile Kuhlase, Head of the Old Mutual Foundation and Social investment.

The temporary closure of services left patients who relied on life prolonging treatment compromised due to limited access to  specialised treatment. Parts of the hospital which were structurally sound, including radiation oncology, re-opened in June 2021 to resume assessment and radiotherapy treatment for cancer patients.

As an academic hospital, Charlotte Maxeke is a vital lifeline which extends its services to thousands of people who cannot afford private healthcare. In the case of the Oncology Unit, the fire meant a delay in radiation therapy capability. For the people who could not afford alternatives, this meant facing an uncertain future – a situation that the Old Mutual Foundation decided had to be addressed.

To get vital parts of the hospital operational required assistance to restore administrative processes and refurbish patient areas. The Old Mutual Foundation helped by providing funding for ten laptop computers to help record patient information.

Other patient facilities, including recliner armchairs for patients receiving treatment, wooden benches for waiting areas and water dispensers, were also purchased.

“To have partial opening of specialised services, including the Oncology Unit, offered a glimmer of hope for hundreds of cancer patients from Gauteng and other provinces,” says Gladys Bogoshi, CEO of Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital.

“The new furniture and computers will go a long way to restoring hospital services to full capacity, extending hope to patients and their families who rely on public healthcare facilities.”

“The assistance we gave to the hospital reflects Old Mutual’s commitment to working with our partners to support impacted communities facing major social, health and education issues whenever it is possible for us to assist.

“Extending a helping hand in times of need is a key part of Old Mutual’s purpose, championing mutually positive futures every day,” concluded Kuhlase.

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