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ESG Insurance U/writing Guidelines United Nations Environment Programme

“The Principles for Sustainable Insurance provide a global roadmap to develop and expand the innovative risk management and insurance solutions that we need to promote renewable energy, clean water, food security, sustainable cities and disaster-resilient communities.” UN Secretary-General (June 2012)

Principles of Sustainable Insurance ESG Underwriting Guidelines: Draft Public Consultation

Please-please colleagues (all re/insurance practitioners) – It is most important that we all spend some time to quickly peruse the draft of the Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) Underwriting Guidelines ( Download Here ).

I would appreciate it if you could then also forward the request to others, so we ensure a loud, excellent and expressive response from Africa in particular, please.

The public consultation version of the guide can also be found at:

After perusing please provide your feedback and comments at:

Thanks your time and overall facilitation in relation to this important cause.

Note consultation deadline please: Sunday, 30 September 2019.

Much Appreciated and Best Regards,

Cassim Hansa

Managing Director ( Botswana Subsidiary )

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